Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Beautiful Blooms

My childhood best friend sent me an email with a 20MB attachment of photos!!! My email application collapsed and my computer froze. But it was all worth it coz the photos were great. The photos were taken last weekend where she and her family and parents had spent a day at the Singapore Botanical Garden.

Her cute daughter, Happy, yes, her name is Happy if literally translated from her chinese name took all the photos of the flowers. Very good for a 8 year old.

I have asked permission to post some of the photos on this blog, just so you can see them too.

Close up of a purplish bloom. Very pretty.

I always like this orchid, just love their whitish-greenish colour. They are simple yet very elegant.

The file name of this image was named Beautiful when it was sent to me. I agree :)

The young pretty photographer. Ain't she sweet?

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