Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A ring for me

Allyfeel made me a ring. Very pretty and intricate. With Swarovski crystal - black and light brown. I like it and wore it for a day at work yesterday. Thank you so much, Allyfeel.

Then this morning, when Allyfeel show me the other colour variations she has made of the same ring pattern, I wanted the other colour - a light purple and brown. This is much cheerful combination of colours and the colours make me happy. It was halfway done and she said I can have that instead once she completed it. Thank goodness, she let me exchange it :)

1. Allyfeel beading and knotting the crystals one by one, so patiently.

2. Work in progress of the ring... almost completed but not yet.

3. The completed pretty ring on my hand. Nice, eh?
4. Allyfeel and me with rings handmade with love by Allyfeel herself

Some of the different variations of colours of the same ring made by Allyfeel.

Oh yes, a little bit of marketing here... these rings are for sale, if you are interested. They can come in sets or in any combination of rings, earrings, bracelets and pendants. Allyfeel can custom made these where choose the colour combination you like... or even some other designs.

Mine is the middle one on the middle finger. Sounds a bit vulgar :P

She will be putting up a site soon to display all her handiwork. It will be easier for everyone to choose what they like then.


Allyfeel said...

Hey Krazie Angel, My rings sound and look so nice in ur blog. Cool! Thanks for the marketing talk ler. :)

Stargazer said...

So pretty :)

krazie*angel said...

Allyfeel - no worries. Your handiwork is nice, so I trust it can be marketed :)

Stargazer - they are, I agree. Do you want to get yourself one? LOL. I am a jewellery pusher now.