Friday, April 21, 2006

What is Thy will?

Dogs are barking and howling outside. It is kinda eerie at this hour. I am still awake, quite fresh, actually. I need to sleep no matter what, or else tomorrow will be an awful long day.

But meanwhile, I am here pondering if God really listen to our prayers and work His miracle on us. Or is He someone who continues to challenge us, testing our faith towards Him? Or He is someone who blessed us with good things all the time?

Well, say what you like. When times are bad, God is testing us. When time is good, it is God's blessing. You can never win. Seems like God knows it all and what is best for us. His will is not to be questioned but to be trusted upon.

Most people will remember God during time of stress and difficulties, where they will fervently pray for a miracle from God to change and improve their situation. On a happy day, God or no God, some don't really need Him. This usually how someone who is lackadaisical with God matters be like.

But as many as those that will turn to God in difficulties, many people actually lose faith in God and gave up on Him when they are down in the dumps. They were angry with God. They can't understand why God will let bad things happen to them. They walk away from God. They lose faith that God. They dislike not knowing God's will. They questioned why is God's will so hard to comprehend?

We all know that we can always pray to Him in the midst of difficult circumstances. Anyone can pray when things are going well. It is easy. But when the bottom drops out, when hardship hits, can we still keep singing our praises to God? Or do we be complacent and just forget God when times are good?

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