Monday, April 17, 2006

Post weekend

Can't sleep and all I can do was surfing the net, which I had no idea what to look at actually. Thanks goodness, Delphinus appear online at this ungodly hour and we are chatting now. I am glad that I have her and friends to talk to too. I guess I am really lonely inside. It is silly feeling but I honestly do feel so.

It has been a weekend with lotsa mixed feelings. I was happy doing stuff with friends, but inside, at times, I was feeling ebb and flow. What happened 15 minutes on a Sunday can spoil the entire weekend too. But I know it is better to hang out with friends than sitting at home idling myself and dwelling into my own miseries.

Just wish my days will be clearer again. I really dislike what I am feeling now and what I had to go through right now. I am so mentally exhausted. Urgh, I need to sleep but I am so wide awake. Maybe I'll post some of the pix of what I have been during last week. Later.


Me in Malaysia said...

Hang in there sayang! I looked for you online last night, but I was asleep by 2 am. Big hugs!!!!

krazie*angel said...

me in malaysia - thanks, sweetie. would love to catch up with one on one soon. love ya. hugs.