Monday, April 17, 2006

Party @ Velvet

A Maorian or a puppy?

Yeah, groovy baby!

Party animals

Thorn (Mr Banker - woo hoo!) among Roses!

Cheeky cheeky

After PD last Sat, I went to Velvet at midnite with another group of great friends - Juni, Delphinus, Wendy, Sweetie and Banker. Later Adrian, Antje, Vikram and 2 other guys I have no idea what are their names :P joined us.

It was a mad long day already, I knew, but I wasn't that tired. Must be the massage I had earlier. I just want to get out and not be drown into my negative emotions. And I really want to party with the gang especially I had promised Delphinus and Banker quite a while ago that I would go clubbing at least once with them, before Banker is gone for sure and won't be coming to Malaysia on weekends anymore and stay in Singapore as he was supposed to. We have said too many times a good bye to Banker. LOL.

It was my first time to Velvet. Only to been Zouk once, but not Velvet. It was so crowded there. They play nice music. We sneaked to Zouk but it was playing Trance music there and it was too loud there, so we went back to Velvet. We party till the lights were turned on and music was turned off. Banker was so drunk, which I didn't know till today. I was the most sober and not polutted with a single drop of alcohol. The rest of the gang were steady too :)

We then went for dim sum and yak till late dawn. What a nite, err, morning. I missed the sunrise Easter service at 6.30am organised by Calvary Church. God, please forgive me for not going to church. I really do love You!

Photos taken by Delphinus and Adrian (C) 2006

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