Monday, April 17, 2006

Day trip to PD

Me reading the newspaper and chilling.

Under the shade of coconut tree.

Rainbow...very refreshingly nice.

About to sunset.

My new friends, Chika and Rayna.

I went to PD on a day trip last Saturday with a group of friends. Not been there for ages. Due to some past reasons, PD has been a no no. But now, I can go there as much as I like.

I woke up on early Saturday morning with an unsure feeling if I should go. I was not enthusiastic. I was not able to decide if I should go or not. Staying back sounds good where I could play tennis in the evening, but spending a day away from KL will be nice too. Finally I went. It was the right choice. Never listen to my heart. It is always irrational :S

Some of my friends wanted to go there for watersports like wind surfing and kayaking but I only want to chill by the beach, enjoy the sea breeze and the company. I went for a full body aromatheraphy massage with Jade. It was really nice and relaxing. We both fell asleep after the massage.

The rest of the time, we talked and discussed issues among each other and I enjoyed that. During this trip, I get to know my friends a little better. It was also really nice to meet 2 new friends - Chika and her cute daughter, Rayna. She is so full of life and bubbly.

Dinner was great at a seafood restaurant in PD. It was cheap too. I ate Ostrich meat for the first time. No smell and tasted good. I am surprised I like it.

And I musn't forget that I owed Jade and Orion money too from the trip :P Thanks Orion for organising this and persuading me to go. And to everyone else that went, thank you for the company.

Photos taken by Gervais (C) 2006

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