Monday, April 17, 2006

Mah Jong Madness

Here are photos from my Mah Jong sessions with friends from last Friday nite.

Arranged tiles during a game.

My Mah Jong tiles bought by my dad for me.

Unpacking Mah Jong tiles before a game.

A game in process.

Pelenalaka has been very generous in allowing all of us in his house for several Mah Jong sessions since the past 2 weeks. There are lotsa food, drinks, yummy ice-creams and most importantly, my favourite delicious sorbet. It was like a small pot luck party but with the objective of playing Mah Jong.

Pele has been patient in teaching newbies to this traditional chinese tile game. Many has the opportunity to learn the game. Some got addicted. I got addicted. It was fun. I like the game. So much so that I got my dad to get me a set of the Mah Jong tiles from Melaka, which is much cheaper than buying it from KL.

I learnt to play the Cantonese Mah Jong when I was younger but I have forgotten how the game works. But Pele taught us the Taiwanese game of Mah Jong. It is a bit different from the Cantonese Mah Jong game, I heard. If you like Jim Rummy, you probably can pick this game up really fast. Man, he is strict. He even QC-ed us during the games. I am bit slow, so Pele did voice out his frusfration of my mistakes.

Playing Mah Jong keeps the mind off many things and yet making the brain sharp and alert, especially mine, which often idles and wanders to stupid stuff. And it is a social game, perfect to chill and hang out with friends. I hope to have more Mah Jong sessions, but with Mrs Pele and the twin back from France soon, I foresee very limited opportunity to play in the future.

Photos taken by Gervais (C) 2006

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